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Foster a sense of excitement and enthusiasm in connection with the learning process, creating a love of learning.

Aktivitäten, Andere Kurse
12 - 17 Jahre
Unterrichtsstunden pro Woche
12 Schüler pro Klasse maximal
9 Schüler pro Klasse im Durchschnitt
60 Schüler insgesamt
11. Jul - 07. Aug 2021
£ 1600 pro Woche (circa)
Stadt / Kleinstadt
Kosten für Flughafentransfers sind inklusive

The Summer School takes place at the prestigious Marlborough College in Wiltshire, not far from the world famous Stonehenge. The International Summer School is unique because it offers courses to British children and overseas students join their English counterparts for the afternoon activities.  Therefore, they receive a truly British experience which acts as an ideal learning environment to practice their language skills.

The wide-ranging outdoor sports, games and activities are designed to be exciting, educational and to build individual skills, teamwork and creativity. All the college facilities are available throughout the summer period and include an indoor swimming pool, tennis courts, and an athletics track.

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The afternoon activities provide an excellent opportunity to integrate with teenage Marlborough College Summer School students, 80% of whom are native English speakers. The academic and extra-curricular aspects of the course are fully integrated to encourage the student to develop and grow as a whole person and to provide a rich and authentic language learning environment.



  • Open English
  • Open Minds

Both courses are built on curiosity and creativity,as we believe that these concepts are fundamental to the learning process.


Open Minds Course

The Open Minds Course is aimed at high or native level English speakers. It involves no formal language acquisition but rather a modular programme of study material covering a diverse range of subjects including cosmology, anthropology, sociology, ethics and morality, film-making for social change and leadership. All modules are project based and assessed by coursework completed during the module. The course is focused on the process of learning and encourages the student to take an active, collaborative and self-motivated approach to their learning. The course will develop academic skills such as critical thinking, analysis of sources, research and public speaking. The course is aimed at students who want to discover or develop a love of learning but would be of particular interest to those wanting to enter the British private school system, go to a British university and those who are currently studying in an international school abroad.

Students attending Marlborough Summer School will join a unique educational program and experience. The school also offers courses for native speakers. Afternoon activities are conjoinied.

Afternoon Activities

Students will participate in one activity per week of the course. Each activity runs every afternoon from 13.45pm - 16.15pm and the list of available activities includes:

  • Teenage Outdoor Adventures
  • Tennis
  • Pro-Ballers Basketball Camp
  • On Target (shooting activities)
  • Big Art
  • Skills for Theater and performance
  • Fencing for Beginners
  • Photograph like the professionals
  • Stay Alive Survival
  • Journalism for Teenagers
  • Guided Cross-Country Mountain Biking
  • Making a Film
  • Football
  • Fashion, Textiles and 3D Design
  • Music Technology: All you need to know
  • Horse Riding: Beginners & improvers
  • Games and Animation
  • Coding: Learn to Code Video Games
  • Golf: Beginner and Improvers
  • Cooking for University: A Survival Guide
  • Learn to Play Polo
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Crimes Scene Detectives

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