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Boarding Schools


Private boarding schools in England and Scotland have a long and successful tradition.

Highly motivated staff, small classes and interactive teaching are fundamental parts of the modern educational approach. Pupils receive a high level of personal attention and support. Therefore, they are well prepared for their final examinations.

A particular emphasis on sport, art, music and drama build character and ensure an educational balance.

Students who attend boarding schools receive an excellent all-round education, experience living in a diverse community and make friends for life.

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School Term Dates
in the UK

How is an academic school year structured in the UK?

The academic year in England starts at the beginning of September and is divided into three separate terms. Michaelmas-Term is from September until the mid-December, Lent-Term is from January until end of March and Summer-Term from April until the end of June.

Throughout the terms there is usually 1 week of half term holidays and there may be Exeats, weekends when the school is closed.


Duration of Stay

How long does a stay at British boarding school typically last?

Most schools will encourage or expect students to stay for at least one full academic year. This helps them to settle in, improve their language skills, meet new friends and make the most out of their stay.

Students study for internationally renowned qualifications such as GCSEs, A Levels or the IB.

Some schools will also offer shorter stay programmes for 1 or 2 terms.


Entry Points

What is the ideal age to transfer to a British boarding school?

If possible students should start at the beginning of the academic year. Integration and making friends is easier and students can get used to the rhythm of vibrant boarding school life from day one. However, depending on circumstances, entry throughout the academic year may be possible.

Years 9, 10 and 12 are common entry points at most schools and the application is straightforward. Some schools offer specialised year 11 courses. Entry into other year groups can be discussed.



How is the British educational system structured? What qualifications can I choose/ gain from a UK education?

In the UK, students start school at the age of 5 and finish at the age of 18. During the 13 years of education they gain a general knowledge until the end of year 11 when they take their GCSEs. They then specialise in the final 2 years of a study which culminates in either A Levels or the IB at the end of year 13. These qualifications enable them to apply to pretty much any university in the world.

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What are lessons like at a UK boarding school? What subjects can I choose from?

Tuition usually takes place in small groups, normally with two different subject specialist teachers. English boarding schools enjoy an excellent reputation around the world. The main reason is the high standard of teaching. Teachers encourage and motivate students to reach their full potential. Questions in the classroom are always welcomed and help after lessons and during study periods is provided by tutors.

Lessons are usually interactive and in a relaxed atmosphere. Modern technology, such as interactive whiteboards and I-pads is used where appropriate. This adds to students’ enjoyment and interest in their subjects.

Along traditional subjects a wide variety is offered. These normally include:

Languages (English, Spanish, French, German and Latin), creative subjects (Art, Design and Technology and Photography) and the humanities (Economics, Business Studies, Law and Psychology). Students can therefore gain a wide ranging academic experience based on their strengths as an individual.

Additional English lessons are offered to international students if necessary.


Outside the classroom

What activities and sports do students at a British boarding school do in their spare time?

Extra-curricular activities are a fundamental part of boarding school life. Students have the opportunity to gain experience and develop skills in many different areas. Traditionally schools offer a variety of sports, music, art and drama programmes at different levels. The facilities for those are usually state of the art and teachers and coaches are specialists in their field.

Some schools focus on certain disciplines and therefore are able to attract talent and reach a very high level. Academies include: Hockey, Football, Golf, Tennis, Swimming, Rowing, Horse Riding, Rugby, Fencing, Music, Choir, Dance and Drama.


Our Experience

What experience does Stanford & Ackel have of working with British boarding schools?

The founders of Stanford & Ackel have gained their knowledge about boarding schools from two different perspectives: As former students and as a current teacher/ Principal. Their personal experiences help potential students and their families not only with the selection of the schools and the application process but in all other aspects of academic and boarding school life. A personal approach has always been the key to a successful recommendation.

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Our Boarding Schools

A selection of our partner schools

Stanford & Ackel works with more than 150 partner schools. the website contains a selection. Stanford & Ackel will help you personal choosing a school for your child.

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Merchiston Castle School - Campus

Application Process

How do I apply to a British boarding school?

Stanford & Ackel assist you in any way or form until the completion of the stay.

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Students of Stonar Day and Boarding School for boys and girls, known especially for their co-curricular equestrian education.


How much does a British boarding school cost?

An overview of boarding school costs.

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Dean Close College - sehr gute akademische Ergebnisse

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