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How much does a British boarding school cost?

Boarding School fees range from approximately £ 13,000 to £ 17,000 per term, averaging at £ 14,500 per term. A school year consists of three terms. The fees will be reviewed annually.

Additional costs may be incurred for travel, visa application, visa agency, guardian, school uniform, learning materials and any extra tuition.

Pupils have the opportunity to gain partial scholarships for outstanding achievements and ability in the fields of academia, sport, art, music and drama.

There are no charges for the services of Stanford & Ackel.


The current British government is planning to remove the charitable status of private schools and therefore introduce VAT on school fees. This would result in an increase of fees for families. At the moment it is unclear when this law is passed and what exact impact it will have. Stanford & Ackel do not charge for their services - all services of the agency are free for students and parents.

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