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Duration of Stay

How long does a stay at British boarding school typically last?

Most schools will encourage or expect students to stay for at least one full academic year. This helps them to settle in, improve their language skills, meet new friends and make the most out of their stay.

Students study for internationally renowned qualifications such as GCSEs, A Levels or the IB.

Some schools will also offer shorter stay programmes for 1 or 2 terms.


Further Information Boarding Schools

The academic year in England starts at the beginning of September and is divided into three separate terms.
Most schools will encourage/expect students stay for at least one full academic year.
If possible students should start at the beginning of the academic year.
IB, A-Level, GCSE - qualification overview
English boarding schools enjoy an excellent reputation around the world. The main reason is the high standard of teaching.
Extra-curricular activities are a fundamental part of boarding school life. Students have the opportunity to gain experience and develop skills in many different areas.
The founders of Stanford & Ackel have gained their knowledge about boarding schools from two different perspectives.
A selction of our partner schools
Stanford & Ackel assist you in any way or form until the completion of the stay