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Truro School

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Truro School provides breadth and balance across its academic study, co-curricular activities and pupil wellbeing.

1880 gegründet
Gemischte Schule
A-Level, GCSE
750 Schüler
15% Internatsschüler
10% internationale Schüler
£ 11260 pro Term (circa)
Stadt / Kleinstadt
Truro School Logo
„Esse Quam Videri – To be, rather than to seem to be“

Truro School’s home in the South West of England is a joyful and secure environment where children can thrive, be transformed by what they learn, and develop into well-rounded individuals ready to take their place on the global stage.

We offer high levels of academic study combined with a broad range of co-curricular opportunities, because education is about so much more than excellent exam results, as important as these are. It is one thing to grasp something intellectually, but real learning takes place when students have time to reflect on their experiences. celebrating both cultural and sporting achievement.

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A Balanced Education

We aim to inspire a life-long interest in learning, equipping pupils with the essential skills to tackle the future with confidence and a degree of independence, and to succeed in whatever careers they choose. We also believe that pupils’ abilities are not fixed and that as they progress through their schooling, they will all grow and develop intellectually and discover new talents. A balanced education is provided which includes creative, cultural, spiritual and sporting dimensions alongside academic rigour. As they progress through the school, pupils are provided with opportunities to develop good social skills, confidence and leadership qualities.


Educating and developing the whole person

As part of our commitment to educating and developing the whole person, we recognise the importance of providing a wide range of co-curricular activities throughout the school week (around 70 different clubs and activities every term). Combined with our academic curriculum, our varied co-curricular programme ensures that students thrive through a holistic and balanced education, giving them the opportunities to try, participate or excel in whatever talent or gift they would like to pursue. In fact, our experience is that students learn almost as much outside the classroom as they do inside.


Pastoral care

Known for our outstanding pastoral care and trusting partnerships with parents, the pastoral system at Truro School underpins everything that we do. Alongside high quality teaching and learning, it ensures the success and personal development of the children in our care, so they flourish academically and socially. Truro School is distinguished by being a place where every child is known by name, by face, and by character.



Truro School has a fine reputation for its sporting achievements at county, regional and national level. Blessed with excellent facilities: Sir Ben Ainslie Sports Centre, Swimming Pool, Fencing Salle, Fitness Suite, Dance Studio, 2 Sports Halls, Squash Courts, Indoor and Outdoor tennis courts, All-weather pitch and many outdoor pitches, the school takes great pride in offering a broad range of sporting opportunities for all pupils, irrespective of their abilities. Through our PE and games programme we want every pupil to develop their physical, social and emotional wellbeing. Ultimately to create confident and physically active youngsters with the necessary skills to be used throughout their whole lives.

Truro School


Truro School music is one of the most busy and vibrant music departments in the country. With 60 varied concerts each year, Truro School offers pupils numerous opportunities, to rehearse, perform and develop. A third of the school takes individual instrumental or vocal lessons each week from 30 of the county’s top specialist teachers. Major events each term include the annual Hall for Cornwall Concert, the Junior and Senior Charity Concerts and many band, orchestral and choir ensembles. We offer pupils numerous opportunities, to rehearse, perform and develop. There are choirs and ensembles for every instrumental group and these take place during morning break, lunchtime, before and after school. Ensemble playing is integral to musical experience and education.



Drama is an integral part of the fabric of Truro School life. In our 200-seat Burrell Theatre students learn core drama skills: vocal projection and articulation, spatial and body awareness, through to studying plays and the characters, stories and themes contained within the plays. Students learn not only about themselves and what makes them ‘tick’, but about the world around them and how the arts explore and comment on the world. The process involved in putting on a play teaches a student the invaluable life skills of creativity, adaptability, compromise, collaboration and self-confidence. For those who do not want to be on the stage, the Drama Technical Team provides an opportunity to work with the Technical Resources Manager, to learn technical skills relating to theatre sound, lighting and stage management, use our Outside Broadcast Truck and learn technical skills related to live television production.

Truro School

Boarding activities

Boarders’ trips and activities take place at weekends and occasionally during week day evenings. The trips are an opportunity for the boarding community to come together, to have fun, to learn something new and to give boarders the chance to visit the many attractions of Cornwall. Cornwall is one of the top tourist destinations in the UK and is blessed with outstanding places to visit. Activities include visits to The Eden Project, Falmouth Maritime Museum, and the Tate Modern Art Gallery at St. Ives. In addition, there are the following activities: Surf lessons, Golf, Go-karting and Quad Biking, Boat trips down the River Fal, Walking the Cornwall Coastal Path, Concerts at the clifftop outdoor Minack Theatre, Combat Lazer (indoors outdoors), Horse Riding and Paintballing, Sailing, Kayaking and paddle-boarding.


Famous Alumni

Robert Shaw (Actor: James Bond, Jaws), Roger Taylor (Drummer: Queen), Ben Ainslie (Olympic Sailor: 4 times Gold Medallist), Michael Adams (Chess Grandmaster), John Rhys-Davies (Actor: Gimli in The Lord of the Rings)

Truro School

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